How to Prepare a Car for Winter

Winter Emergency Triangle

As the seasons change, it’s a good idea to know how to ensure your vehicle is prepared for those changes. New challenges can come up when driving, and keeping your car in good condition helps you and your family stay safe on Beachwood roads. Ken Ganley Nissan of Mayfield provides winter car prep tips to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout the seasons. Ken Ganley Nissan of Mayfield and our expert service center staff have put together a guide to deal with anything you may encounter this season.



Winter Car Prep Tips for Ohio Drivers

Wherever you’re going, it’s crucial to know how to prepare a car for winter so that you can be safe as you head to the grocery store or take a trip beyond Mayfield. Here are some winter car prep tips for the changing seasons:

  • Check The Battery: Whether at home or with the help of our service staff, you should run a test of your car’s battery before the temperature drops. This includes looking for cracks in the cables and terminals, in case they need replacing.
  • Check Your Tire Pressure:If your tires seem like they aren’t performing their best, check the pressure. Regular pressure checks can help you prevent future issues and accidents resulting from poor traction.
  • Consider Winter Tires: In Mayfield Heights, OH more snow and ice are expected, so it could be worthwhile to upgrade to winter tires. They allow for improved grip, allow and increased control as well as a shortened stopping distance.
  • Frequent Brake Checks: Wet, slick, and icy roads are dangerous, be sure to check your brakes regularly as rust can appear and affect performance.
  • Monitor Coolant Levels:Ensure your radiator has enough coolant fluid at all times. If you’re unsure about proper levels, consult your owner’s manual. Ken Ganley Nissan of Mayfield also offers coolant checks as part of our inspections.
  • Oil Changes: Rather than having subpar performance, schedule an oil change before winter begins.
  • Fill Your Wiper Fluid & Replace The Wiper Blade:Avoid frozen windows and subpar visibility, and be sure your wiper solution is freeze-resistant, and your blade is up-to-the-task. 
  • Keep Your Gas Tank Filled: If you don’t have enough gas in your tank, more moisture can back up, and this will affect your fuel pump and other parts in your vehicle.
  • Check The Heater: A fully-functioning heating system will keep you and your passengers nice and comfortable even on the coldest days. Inspect your dashboard and system before the temperatures start dropping.

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If you are interested in preparing your vehicle for the change of seasons, our car specialists at Ken Ganley Nissan of Mayfield have what you need. Simply schedule your service online or give us a call to chat about the specifics you are looking for as the season changes in Orange.


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